Holiday Orders

Let Wild Wood Bakehouse make the holidays a little less stressful and lot more tasty this Thanksgiving with our wide selection of gluten free pies, desserts, stuffings, and more.

Placing a Holiday Order is very simple…..

  1. View/Download the form below.
  2. Make your selections. 
  3. Have payment information ready.  We will not be able to fill an order without payment information on file.  We will not be charging your card at the time of ordering, you will pay when you pick up.  This helps us avoid any confusion over lost receipts on those very hectic days before the Thanksgiving holiday.  If you feel uncomfortable leaving a credit card number over the phone, you will need to place your order in-person and provide payment at that time.  Please Note: Any Orders not picked up by the Saturday after Thanksgiving will be charged using the payment information provided.
  4. Give us a call.  So that we can better serve you (and the patrons who are dining with us), please do not call to place an order during our peak hours which are 11am-2pm and 6-8pm daily.  Thanks to your continued business, we oftentimes are so busy serving dine-in customers and taking To-Go orders over the phone that you may have a hard time getting through on the phone.  Calling during our non-peak will allow our staff to provide the time and attention you deserve to answer any questions you may have and ensure a smoother ordering process.
    >>Deadline to place all Holiday Orders is:  Mon. 11/23 @ 4pm.
  5. Pick up your Order.  If you are not picking up your order any of the 3 days prior to Thanksgiving day (i.e. Mon 11/23, Tues 11/24, and Wed. 11/25), please place your order on the regular “Bakery Special Order” form located on the “Catering and Ordering” webpage.

    >>We will close at 5pm on Wed, Nov. 25.
    >>CLOSED Thanksgiving Day
    >>CLOSED Friday, Nov. 27

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